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Let Me Game in Peace

NovelLet Me Game in PeaceLet Me Game in Peace
Chapter 971 – Seven Seas Dragon King Appears embarrass regret
“It’s really a little weird. Most likely the 7 dragon monarchs also partic.i.p.ated from the battle. These Terror things generally is a pay back coming from the Six Seas Dragon Emperor.” Zhou Wen got also looked at this challenge.
Soaring far to the surroundings, Zhou Wen didn’t dare solution the water. Should the Six Seas Dragon King was really right here, he would still have room to flee.
Through the appearance from it, it is the 8 Seas Dragon Queen.
“What’s wrong?” Zhou Wen asked.
This dimensional being tide was a lot more alarming than the former crab tide. A lot of dimensional creatures in water thought it was challenging to unleash their combat durability on territory.
I’ve been uncovered!
Zhou Wen measured as well as, there was six ones. Nonetheless, their tails ended up beneath the ocean, so he couldn’t tell what they checked like.
Let Me Game in Peace
One more dimensional creature tide?
Nonetheless, prior to he decided to go, Zhou Wen sent a message on the Thearch to ask in the event the Terror-grade elements had been useful.
Miya didn’t would like to live in this depressing place, so she stayed during the sunken s.h.i.+p.
After putting on the Invisibility Cloak, Zhou Wen flew towards the water, planning to see what ability obtained caused the tsunami. Regular Mythical pests definitely couldn’t create such a tsunami. Zhou Wen thought that this Six Seas Dragon Emperor obtained personally arrived.
Zhou Wen was secretly alarmed.
“How could it be that straightforward to revive one. Nevertheless, these Terror items are regarded good components a result of the presence of the effectiveness of anxiety. It’s useless to be able to keep these at any rate. Why don’t you allow me to experiment with them?” The Thearch said.
Let Me Game in Peace
The main reason these were identified as weird dragons was that but they looked like dragons, they weren’t completely dragons.
“It’s definitely a little bit weird. Most likely the several dragon monarchs also partic.i.p.ated during the fight. These Terror items is actually a incentive coming from the Six Seas Dragon Emperor.” Zhou Wen got also contemplated this problem.
Zhou Wen was alarmed as he found the 8 weird dragons spew out whitened liquid at him.
Immediately after digging it wide open, he observed a blue crystal that appeared as an eyeball. Miya declared that it will be the Dragon King’s dragon vision.
When the Seven Seas Dragon King’s system rose up, the seawater surged into the edges. Zhou Wen finally spotted the reduced part of the 8 Seas Dragon Master and the concept converted bizarre.
Zhou Wen was alarmed while he observed the 8 bizarre dragons spew out bright white fluid at him.
“How can these fellows help out with a battle on the Terror level?” Li Xuan pondered for a moment just before his eyes suddenly lit up. “Do you feel the seven dragon monarchs had been subordinates of these ice-elemental dragon to start with? Eventually, they betrayed the ice cubes-elemental dragon and pledged allegiance on the 7 Seas Dragon Emperor. That is why they obtained these Terror products as gains?”
Immediately after making Water G.o.d Reef, Li Xuan observed that something was amiss the greater he thought about it. “Old Zhou, I do believe something’s amiss.”
Fortunately, the people who continued to be in Sea Returning City have been all well-off loved ones. There have been will no longer any commoners. A lot of them got a a number of standard of battle sturdiness, so they really didn’t suffer from far too much destruction.
“If that Terror-quality accurate dragon was really killed through the 8 Seas Dragon Queen, why would the Terror stuff on its body be undetectable from the 8 dragon monarchs’ lairs? Whether or not the Seven Seas Dragon Ruler doesn’t will need these components, there’s no need for him to check a lot of issues to conceal them in 8 distinct locations, right?” Li Xuan explained.
After excavating it opened, he observed a blue colored crystal that appeared just like an eyeball. Miya claimed that it might be the Dragon King’s dragon eyes.
Let Me Game in Peace
Immediately after departing Seas G.o.d Reef, Li Xuan experienced that a little something was amiss the more he taken into consideration it. “Old Zhou, I think something’s amiss.”
They does have dragon facial looks, but there were clearly no scales on their body systems. As a substitute, they had smooth epidermis that looked extremely limited.
On top of that, Zhou Wen didn’t see any dragon claws upon them. Rather than dialing them dragons, they checked a lot more like snakes, but they also didn’t seem like snakes possibly. There was a strange band on his or her belly.
“Possibly.” Zhou Wen believed so it was certainly possible.
Zhou Wen roughly described the matter concerning the 7 Dragons Sea ahead of inquiring The Thearch: “If we find all of the Terror items, will this Terror creature revive?”

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